Custom Network Infrastructure

Xenith IG designs, builds and operates mission critical network infrastructure for the most demanding of client requirements, enabling leading hyperscale companies and datacenter operators deploy custom connectivity solutions that provide them scalable and cost-effective interconnection.


There is no one-size-fits-all network. Xenith IG can develop an individualized connectivity blueprint unique to your needs.

Expert Design

Xenith IG’s proven team of specialists can streamline your network and make the best possible use of available technology.


Outdated network infrastructure restricts growth. We prepare you for tomorrow with future-forward data networks that scale with you.

Unique Routing

Our dark fibre connections have been strategically placed to minimize overlap, reduce latency, and deliver unmatched performance.

Use Cases

Data Centers

Our data center-to-data center network infrastructure solutions prioritize speed and reliability.


For companies experiencing exponential growth, our solutions deliver a competitive edge other providers cannot offer.