Dark Fibre

Xenith IG’s owned and operated, state-of-the-art, dense metro network infrastructure offers direct routes between points of interest, enabling clients to achieve unmatched latency, flexibility, and scalability in their network design.


Our network infrastructure is 100% underground and is actively patrolled to prevent network disruption.


Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built network infrastructure offers the shortest distances and lowest latency.


Our network infrastructure is purpose-built for the most rigorous use cases. We offer two-, three- and even four-routes into key datacenter locations.


Our dark fibre solutions offer exceptional flexibility for clients’ evolving needs.


Our dark fibre solutions enable clients to experience strong economies of scale as their bandwidth requirements grow.

Use Cases


Datacenter Connect

Direct point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity between all key data centers in our city locations.

Enterprise Connect

Entry into hundreds of enterprise buildings to provide secure communication between buildings and into other network POPs.

CLS Connect

Dense infrastructure between subsea cable landing stations and the main interconnection sites in each city location.

Data Backhaul

Xenith IG’s high-density dark fibre pairs are made for the way you need to connect.